Meet Your Board

Beth Muir, YPC Chair

Beth joined YPC after being asked to participate as a bachelorette in the inaugural Donate2Date auction in 2011. Have had such a great experience with the group, she has committed herself to being actively involved ever since. Not only does she serve as the YPC Chair, Beth is currently on the hospital’s Association of Volunteers Board of Directors. Being able to serve as Chair for an organizations that supports Children’s Hospital Colorado not only feeds her passion, it touches her heart to know she is being an advocate for children in need.  In her professional life, Beth is an Account Manager in the Child Care and Early Education department at CCIG Insurance – Benefits.

Matt Hines, Vice Chair

Meghan Steele, Donate2Date Chair

Meghan is extremely grateful to be a part of the Young Professionals Chapter.  Meghan not only serves as the YPC Donate2Date Chair, but she has also worked for the hospital for over four years as a Mental Health Counselor on the Inpatient Intensive Psychiatric Units.  She has always had a passion for volunteering and giving back to her community. Meghan is part of the Staff Advisory Committee for the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado, but she wanted to get more involved with other volunteer opportunities throughout the hospital which led her to YPC.

Sarah Gard, Donate2Date Chair

Although new to YPC, Sarah is diving in wholeheartedly. She is helping plan the Donate2Date event this year and very excited about it! Graduated from CSU with a degree in merchandising and has been living in Denver for 4 years. Looking to transmission her career into the healthcare field. Sarah is a Colorado Native who loves yoga, hiking and dogs.

Kristin Bortizke, Community Service Chair

Kristin is thrilled to be the new Community Service Chair for the Young Professionals of Children’s Hospital Colorado! She currently volunteers at Kidstreet, a uniquely designed program to provide daily rehabilitation services for infants and children with complex medical needs once a week. This wonderful experience has left her wanting to get more involved and she’s honored by the opportunity to serve on such a meaningful committee. Giving back to the community has always been a passion of hers, and she feels like she hit the jackpot being able to give back to Children’s Hospital Colorado. Keep your calendars open for upcoming Community Service events throughout the year! We can’t wait to see you there! 

Liz Arkeilpane, Social Chair

Jaqueline Gaston, Social Chair

Kate Limebrook, Membership Chair

Beth Riley, Membership Chair

Courtney Muir, Secretary

Dani Crain, Communications Chair

Greg Collins, Publicity Chair

Jess Farrow, Publicity Chair

Anne Carto, Website Chair

Anne moved to Denver from Ohio 4 years ago and now works as a consultant to energy companies on their regulatory, political, and engagement strategies. Anne began volunteering for Children’s because she thoroughly enjoyed her experience volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. She is looking forward to continuing to make information about our events easy and accessible to promote more attendance, participation, and help for the patients!

Ashley Bauler, Website Chair

Melissa Shelton, Superhero Scuttle Chair
Melissa Is incredibly grateful to be a part of the Young Professionals Chapter (YPC), an organization that supports Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Not only does she serve as the YPC Vice Chair, she has worked for the hospital for over two years as a part of their Corporate Compliance Program.  She has always had a passion for volunteering and giving back and dedicates most of her free time to causes near and dear to her heart. As a part of YPC, Melissa hopes to contribute to the mission, vision and values of the hospital; “For a child’s sake… We are a caring community called to honor the sacred trust of our patients, families, and each other through humble expertise, generous service, and boundless creativity… This is the moment.”